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Welcome to DPFe.eu – a website of DPF Engineering s.r.o. company. We have renoved particle filters at the utmost highest quality since 2008. We represent the pinnacle in solving problems with clogged DPFs and we are the leaders of the central European market. We use the most modern technical procedures and methods of DPF/FAP renovation, using the unique SmartClean® technology. At our disposal we have the biggest network of cooperating auto services in the Czech Rep. and the Slovak Rep. We are currently extending the network to other countries of developed Europe.

DPF Engineering = experience,
the best technology, guaranteed

We achieve unrivalled results through constant diligence, unceasing technological development and targeted application of gained experience. This is proved by thousands of our satisfied clients. A clogged particle filter can be renovated with a 98% success rate to its original condition. We provide a 3 year guarantee on particle filter renovation. DPF renovation using SmartClean® saves money for clients and is environmentally-friendly. It also obtains a growing clientele and higher profits for auto services.

Renovation for everyone – a unique method - SmartClean®

We renovate particle filters to all diesel cars commonly used in Europe for both end customers and contractually for auto services. We provide renovation using a unique technology, SmartClean®, developed by us with above-standard care and quality since 2008 and we rank among the most experienced and sought-after services not only in the DPF renovation field.

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Are you interested in the how of DPF? and what are its most common problems? Have a look at the advanced DPF renovation method we use.

If you run an auto service and want to offer DPF renovation of the best quality to your clients fast and with a guarantee, find out about possibilities of external cooperation! Are you interested in more information? Have a look at Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. In case you want to know even more, contact us at +420 211 222 333 or by contact form!

We wish you a pleasantly spent and enriching time at our website. We are looking forward to your questions, potential cooperation and we will gladly welcome you in our specialized service.

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